What’s in my bag .In my bag are a few things that i always carry i got this thought after i watched fashion one on one .Okay here are my day to day essentials that are always in my bag and i love carrying

1) Nail file  ,i always tell a person by the way their nails look like unfilled nails can scratch people or even hurt oneself to avoid such ugly situations i make a point of having one

2)Lipstick ,eye pencil,lip gloss,Whatever lipstick is for the day i always have it in my bag but mostly  i have pink lipstick ,the eye p i use it to make a black layer  at the lower  side of the lip and my lip gloss is to soften my lips.I hate dry lips ,those who don’t use lipsticks try the different lip glosses .Cracky  lips are quite unhealthy and not good looking trust me on that

3) Wet wipes ,Yes this has to be in my bag i’m at times clumsy and always grabbing anything to eat to avoid dirt and germs i always have my wet wipes that clean and sanitize my hands

4) Pen & Note book, fun fact about me  i always carry and use black sharp pointed pen.I NEVER like the blue pen cuz i always  feel that i’m seriously messing my writing  with the blue one .I know its crazy especially most of you find it odd to use  a black pen  and whenever i don’t have i find myself hunting a black one ,having a pen and a notebook is essential you never know when you need one

5) My wallet ,I’ve had a lot of wallets and i keep displacing them until my boo Mabel gave me a green one on my last year birthday .I personally find it weird not having one cuz its so functional ,holds  very important cards and money of course but if i’m not attending an  important event where my cards are not needed i always avoid carrying my wallet cuz i have had several occasion where my phone, money and other basic essentials got lost

6) A Comb of the day, Depending on my hairstyle i carry different combs to avoid looking funny especially on a windy day .You all know how sometime the wind can be disrespectful at times .Please make sure that your comb is clean dirty combs may scare some of us

7) Pocket Mirror,As i said earlier i hate dry lips so after the crazy eating  and food sticking on my teeth a pocket mirror is needed ,also in the application of lipstick and checking out my hair

8) A Bottle of Water,For uncomfortable situation i.e my  thirst tendency, i don’t take tea ,coffee etc the only type of liquid that passes down my throat is water ,yougurt and fruit juice and being a student fruit juice& yougurt are taken once in a while so a bottle of water works for me,i drink lots of water

9)Sanitary towels ,This is of great importance to girls it is not easy being a girl lol cuz you never know when the bombshell may strike you especially those with irregular flows battling with that can bring a lot of shame to save  yourself or a girl somewhere  the shame i always carry.Its quite sensitive topic but it has to be spoken girls lets make a point of knowing our calendar

10) My bae i.e My phone ,its my connection to the world  and to you guys conversation,akward texts ,calls can not be seen if i had no phone .It serves me hence my bae but ain’t a phone addict .Its also my tool of research,improvised pocket mirror when i have an oops moment and my mirror is no where to be seen,my watch ,my morning alarm i’m normally awake by 5 a.m .My phone/my bae is quite functional ,portable ,my laptop can be at times stressful so my phone serve  me more than my laptop This are few basic things that i always carry the list is endless but i think this are more worth i’m sure you have learn’t more about #thejedasblogger cuz i always avoiding disclosing personal infor about me on social network but i tried to be relevant and general.Have a blessed weekend x.DSC09912[1]DSC09908[1]DSC_0047[2][1]

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